Hello and welcome to Eden in the Apocalypse! Don’t let the blank front page fool you, click a chapter link and get a reading! We’ve got an amusing story here, or at least I laughed while making it.

Eden in the Apocalypse is a Sims 2 Apocalypse challenge that follows the INappropriately named Eden family, because irony gives me the giggles.

Do you like copious amounts of CC? Bad puns? Dialogue between creation and creator? Then you’re in the right place!

Pictured above: Founder Evie Eden. Because one Garden of Eden reference was not enough apparently

(Originally inspired by EphermeralToast’s “Apocalypso a Go-Go” but it was very many years ago that I read it for the first time. Of course I’m just now getting around to making one of my own. Hahaha)